The Galloways Dancers  

Ambassadors of Scottish Music and Dance

The Galloways Dancers is a group of dancers, pipers and instrumentalists who perform Scottish dances, songs and music to give pleasure and entertainment.  The music for dancing is provided either by the bagpipes or a small group of musicians playing the fiddle and the accordion. Our members range in age from the young to the young at heart.

In Scottish Country Dancing, normally three or four couples dance in a longwise or square formation.  The dances are in quick time (Reels or Jigs) or in the slower Strathspey time peculiar to Scotland.

Solo Highland and Sword Dancing were originally performed by men to encourage recruitment into the Highland regiments, or as a preparation for or a celebration of battles.  Today, these complex dances are also performed by young ladies.

The men wear the kilt made from about eight metres of woollen cloth woven in the tartan (colours) of their clan (family).  The ladies wear a sash with their tartan colours.

We are Nottingham based, but our members come from far and wide.  We are always happy to welcome experienced dancers and musicians as new members.

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